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As its best use, the fact that you can charge a device off the Transit Plus while it is plugged into a wall makes a it an excellent, if bulky, substitute for a simple wall outlet-to-USB adapter.

With that use, you will always have a backup power pack with you.

Children who go to nursery are more likely to pick up any infections that are going around.

So it's worth knowing when it's best for your child to stay at home.

, which includes USB, Mini-USB, and 30-pin i OS device plugs, the Transit Plus keeps it simple with a single USB port.

You will need to bring your own adapter cords for whichever devices you want to charge on the go.

At 3,000 milliamp-hours (m Ah), the battery capacity of the Transit Plus is only half that of the Peak 6000 Powerbank.

If your phone's battery indicator perpetually shows one bar, a portable battery charger can get you through the day, but that charger also needs to be charged.Many can also be had for quite a bit less than the Transit Plus' .99 list price.The integrated wall and 12-volt plugs of the Transit Plus are the primary features that set it apart from the competition, which generally recharge through a USB port.Only weighing a third of a pound, it slips into coat pockets and bags easily, or can be stored in a glove box or cupholder in a car.Glossy carbon-fiber-patterned sides give the device an attractive, modern look.

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